Your Safety is Important To Us

In response to COVID-19, Yours Truly has adopted stringent new safety and cleaning procedures and applied them to small meeting spaces. Before an event can start, each meeting room has a rest period between groups for the room and equipment to be disinfected. In addition, high-touch equipment is cleaned thoroughly during break times and at the end of each day. Hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout meeting rooms, PPE and social distancing are enforced with all associates, and vendor compliance standards have been enhanced, all to ensure the health and safety of your group.


  • Our team has detailed protocols to maintain a safe work environment for them and for our guests.
  • Temperature checks are conducted as associates enter the building and have ample handwashing and hand sanitizing resources available.
  • Our associates will wear masks, gloves, aprons, and hair restraints and are properly trained to do so effectively.
  • For each meeting, our associates will be organized into teams to eliminate contact with new individuals.


  • Groups with unique timing and spaces – with two floors of meeting rooms, groups will be separated by time and space.
  • Each room will have a rest period from one group to the next.
  • Each guest will be provided with sealed meeting kit and an assigned seat.
  • Restroom capacity will be modified and cleaning increased.
  • Nightly deep cleaning and hourly surface sanitizing throughout the day.
  • Added physical barriers and enforced social distancing.
  • Enhanced vendor compliance standards to ensure a safe space for everyone


  • We believe that dining – be it in a restaurant or a meeting – should be a comfortable and tailored experience.
  • Touch-free, digital customization for guests. Orders are collected in advance and a tailored meal is prepared, sealed and pre-set for each guest.
  • All food items are presented in eco-friendly, single-use containers.
  • Beverages will be high-quality packaged items with some additions made in house and bottled safely in our kitchen.
  • Snacks and breaks will be presented in sealed packaging, either from our favorite brands or made in house, and served by our team.


  • Menus inspired by a continental breakfast with freshly baked pastries, seasonal fruit, craft cold brew coffee, and iced teas.
  • Each meal is assembled for an individual meeting guest and pre-set at their seat in a sealed box.
  • Allergies, aversions, and preferences can be tailored too.
  • Warm beverages can be pre-ordered and delivered to individual seats with a premium package.
  • A range of warm food items like Austin-style breakfast taco, chakchouka, and house made breakfast sausage can be available with a premium package.


  • Lunches are designed to be perfect for working-lunches or to be brought back to your room for a private meal.
  • Each meal will include a range of salad and sandwich options as well as craft soft drinks and homemade snacks.
  • Lunches can be picked up in the small groupings in the meeting corridor or delivered to individual seats during a break.


  • Initially, large breaks and receptions will be discouraged, and instead travel-ready drinks and snacks will be available.
  • When possible, meetings should look to one of our beautiful outdoor spaces for an open-air break as a small group.
  • When gatherings are allowed indoors, our meeting pantries will be converted to coffee bars and cocktail bars with highly trained staff filling every need.


  • Dinners will be served as staffed, action stations with physical barriers.
  • Beautiful, seasonal ingredients are featured in a selection of appetizers, entrees, and sides finished and plated for each guest.
  • Drink service will be packaged beverages from a remote bar.
  • Sweets will be a small package of freshly made desserts, cookies, and bars to take back to your room.


  • We will follow all CDC and Washington, DC guidelines for safe gatherings as our minimum standard.
  • All capacities are reduced by at least 50% or capped at 50 guests.
  • Seats are spaced a minimum of six feet apart.
  • Clear aisleways through each room with directional signage for one-way traffic.
  • Communal and board tables with effective spacing will be capped at eight guests.
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the pre-function and meeting rooms.

Thank You